Basement Home Theater Designs

The basement is an ideal place to construct home theaters. These underground rooms provide quiet surroundings and proper light-effects to watch movies. To convert a basement into a home theater a little remodeling or renovation is required.

A basement can be designed in many different ways and customized according to our needs for setting up a home theater. The color on the walls should be non-reflective and it should have neutral colors. The carpet should be a sound absorbing or sound deadening one. Some basements have windows which act as a source of light, therefore they need to be covered with blackout curtains. Walls may be decorated with the help of framed movie posters. These can be purchased from specialty stores.

Arrangement of Equipment and Accessories
The equipment needed for the installation of home theater system are the screen, surround speakers, necessary wiring, and other equipment. Specially designed cabinets are also available to fit in the equipment required for this system. Curtains can be put up in front of TV screens. The sofa concept is the best home theater seating option for viewing purposes. It is difficult to construct a stadium seating assembly for a basement room, thus a sofa turns out to be the most feasible option. For the construction of risers, the room dimensions should be appropriate and the ceiling should at least be 8-9 feet in height. The ceiling and walls should be covered with drywall.

Room Dimensions
To decide the dimensions of the home theater room, one should take into account the science of acoustics. The dimensions such as the length, breadth, and width should be such that their values are not equal or multiples of each other. It is necessary to reduce the effect of resonance, as they cause dips and peaks in the frequency of sound. Keeping the room well ventilated is important along with the designing and lighting part. The popcorn machine can add to the heat of the basement. Whole fans or a ceiling fan could be used to remove the excess heat from the basement.

Enhancements and Decorations
A kids area could also be built inside for spending leisure time with the kids, which could be decorated with the help of toys, story books, etc. Soft cushions should be used for sofas in this area. A coffee table in front of the seating place can add to the comfort of the viewer. It helps to enjoy snacks and tea/coffee while viewing the favorite movies. If possible, a snack zone could be created by placing a mini-fridge and a sink in a corner place. A nacho maker, popcorn machine, and many more accessories could be brought into the designing of the home theater.

As basements lie in the lowermost portion of the house, waterproofing it becomes important in order to prevent any water leakage.

The aforementioned designs provide a rough idea about the various tips that should be kept in mind while designing of a home theater. Customizing the home theater according to our needs by exploring our creativity is the best thing to do.