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A home theater is a high-end appliance which can provide a great deal of entertainment with its unique and exclusive features. It consists of a large screen with high capacity speakers, a DVD player, a video game system, a CD player, a VCR, and many such facilities. Many multinational companies have entered this lucrative business by providing maximum possible amenities.

After buying a home theater, you can do the installation work yourself if you have a complete knowledge of its technique. By doing so, you can save a lot of money which is charged by the professional installation service providers. Setting up a home theater might become easy with the help of the following tips.

Select the Components After a Research

You have a wide range of choices to select the components of your home theater. Conduct a research by personally visiting the showrooms and then decide what components you want. The best choices available for you are wide screen Plasma TV, CRT TV, televisions with the options of front and rear positions, and flat screen televisions. The other components of a home theater like the remotes of different kinds, the voice receivers, home theater speakers should also be selected carefully.

Choose a Good Room for Home Theater Installation

The first step in the installation of a home theater is selecting a proper and spacious room, which is fully furnished and good enough to have this expensive device in it. The absence of such a luxurious room can prove to be a major deterrent for you, as even if you purchase the best home theater from the market, it will not give you the desired effects. You can have plush interiors for the room like POP's, good flooring, wall decoration, and ceiling installed lights of different colors. The room being selected should have a good privacy and the number of doors should be a minimum.

If you are ready to spend more, you can have the soundproofing done, which will prevent external noises from entering the room. Design the interiors of your rectangular room by having attractive paintings on the walls and shelves to keep essential things, because these things make the room look good as well as help in blocking the outside noises, which can be quite irritating. Make sure that the room is not too dark or too light, and note that lack of light can put a lot of strain on your eyes if you plan to watch your television for a long time.

Installation Of The Home Theater

The concept of a home theater is to have both, audio and visual effects in your own house. So, you should place the flat screen in such a way that it should be immediately seen after entering the room. This flat screen, along with the speakers would be wall mounted. Two or three speakers should be kept in a line which would be exactly in front of the chairs or seats. You should place the rear speakers such that they do not face each other.

It is recommended that you have sufficient distance between the components and the wall so that repairing and daily operation of the home theater system becomes easy. Make all the connections right and have a demo to view the results. Take help from the employee of the showroom, who will help you in the task as per the guidelines of the company.

By now, you must have understood how to set up a home theater comfortably. Enjoy your great possession by watching your favorite movies with your friends and family.

The basement is an ideal place to construct home theaters. These underground rooms provide quiet surroundings and proper light-effects to watch movies. To convert a basement into a home theater a little remodeling or renovation is required.

A basement can be designed in many different ways and customized according to our needs for setting up a home theater. The color on the walls should be non-reflective and it should have neutral colors. The carpet should be a sound absorbing or sound deadening one. Some basements have windows which act as a source of light, therefore they need to be covered with blackout curtains. Walls may be decorated with the help of framed movie posters. These can be purchased from specialty stores.

Arrangement of Equipment and Accessories
The equipment needed for the installation of home theater system are the screen, surround speakers, necessary wiring, and other equipment. Specially designed cabinets are also available to fit in the equipment required for this system. Curtains can be put up in front of TV screens. The sofa concept is the best home theater seating option for viewing purposes. It is difficult to construct a stadium seating assembly for a basement room, thus a sofa turns out to be the most feasible option. For the construction of risers, the room dimensions should be appropriate and the ceiling should at least be 8-9 feet in height. The ceiling and walls should be covered with drywall.

Room Dimensions
To decide the dimensions of the home theater room, one should take into account the science of acoustics. The dimensions such as the length, breadth, and width should be such that their values are not equal or multiples of each other. It is necessary to reduce the effect of resonance, as they cause dips and peaks in the frequency of sound. Keeping the room well ventilated is important along with the designing and lighting part. The popcorn machine can add to the heat of the basement. Whole fans or a ceiling fan could be used to remove the excess heat from the basement.

Enhancements and Decorations
A kids area could also be built inside for spending leisure time with the kids, which could be decorated with the help of toys, story books, etc. Soft cushions should be used for sofas in this area. A coffee table in front of the seating place can add to the comfort of the viewer. It helps to enjoy snacks and tea/coffee while viewing the favorite movies. If possible, a snack zone could be created by placing a mini-fridge and a sink in a corner place. A nacho maker, popcorn machine, and many more accessories could be brought into the designing of the home theater.

As basements lie in the lowermost portion of the house, waterproofing it becomes important in order to prevent any water leakage.

The aforementioned designs provide a rough idea about the various tips that should be kept in mind while designing of a home theater. Customizing the home theater according to our needs by exploring our creativity is the best thing to do.